The Urban Barber Association's RE program


We have initiated programs for re-entry offenders, since some 500,000 to 600,000 offenders will come out of prison each year for the next three or four years.


We want to have positive alternatives when they come back to the community.


Janet Reno


TUBA Executive Director Waverly Willis and Cleveland Browns defensive back TJ Ward pose for a picture at a fundraiser with The Urban Barber Association and for Wards non profit the Jones home. Over 8000 dollars was raised.

The Urban Barber Associations RE program is a collaboration with the United Ways Going Home To Stay guide. The purpose of the RE program is to encourage formerly incarcerated individuals to remember, re-evaluate,re-educate and re-enter. The barbershops and salons in TUBA have been equipped with knowledge of the information provided in the Going Home To Stay guide. These guides have been distributed to every business in TUBA's network. It continues to be a very helpful one stop shop for people recently getting out of prison.

In the RE program we do not want its participants to forget the cold nights they spent locked behind steel bars and surrounded by hard unforgiving concrete. They are encouraged to RE-member those years that they took from their families and themselves so they can draw strength from that experience to do whats best for them and their family. After pondering the past they should RE-evaluate their life. At this point participants will recognize certain steps have to be made for them to make a change.


RE-educate is next. TUBA realizes everyone is not going to go to college. In the going home to stay guide we point out various resources ex -offenders can use for training in many different fields. Some of these agencies are The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, Employment Connection, Hard Hatted Women, Catholic Charities Employment and Training and over 10 more.

Help is available in abundance for those who diligently seek it. Other services are alcohol and drug abuse treatment, caring for older adults, child support/custody help, credit counseling, money management, legal assistance, mental health care, parole/post release control, health/dental care, DD-214(military), drivers license/state ID, drop in centers, clothing vouchers, food, social security, disability and anything else one may need to have a healthy and productive life.


The RE program started in January of 2011.Over 150 people have found career training, job placement, low income health care, housing or all of these. We are proud that a measurable impact is being made through this program.

We have seen human miracles develop in front of us from people using these resources availed to them. Every aspect that one needs is covered. As they accept the help that is given to them they start to RE-invent themselves. They change their mindset, learn to have patience, and start setting realistic goals. This information is constantly being funneled through TUBA. Many of the business owners in TUBA has been to prison or at the least has had brushes with the legal system.


We understand from our own experiences that it is very easy to get in trouble with the law and very hard to get out. TUBA' s RE program consists of RE-membering, RE-evaluation, RE-educating, and finally RE-entering society a better person. This programs guidance has changed lives.



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