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C.A.R.E. Cuts Program

The Urban Barber Association (TUBA) is a small non profit in Cleveland Ohio .It is a network of barbershops and beauty salons that have united to empower our city through networking and informative programs. The Urban Barber Association is soliciting funds for its C.A.R.E Cuts program. C.A.R.E stands for Confidence. Appearance. Respect. and Esteem.

This program provides haircuts for children from 5 to 17.It is not only for indigent families that are barely surviving,but also for the youngsters that are showing progress in their homes, schools, or preferably both. Not everyone can make straight A’s or have perfect attendance, those kids get enough rewards for their hard work. TUBA feels every child deserves encouragement for trying and making progress .A haircut is not a basic necessity of life however a C.A.R.E cut is .This program is much deeper than a haircut because minority males are lacking positive role models in their environment. For the most part the only male role models in these poverty stricken areas are the drug dealers or lifetime criminals with the nice cars,clothes,and sneakers.

To a young impressionable mind these material goods are desirable so the natural progression is for the youngsters to duplicate what they see. The C.A.R.E Cuts program will prepay the participating Cleveland barber shops to cut these youngsters hair. The Urban Barber Association(TUBA) will print coupons called TUBA Bucks that are worth a free haircut at any participating barbershop .These TUBA Buck coupons will be distributed to the schools in Cleveland neighborhoods .These minority men will present a positive image and experience for the young men receiving the C.A.R.E Cut. They are some of our true real life neighborhood hero’s to their younger patrons because they are making money legally,they work for themselves and the best part is they are reachable unlike the hero’s on the television.

Nearly two in three(64%) of African American and Hispanic children live in absent father homes. Children who live in absent father homes are on average two to three times more likely to live at or below the poverty level,to use drugs and have emotional and educational problems. Furthermore children in absent father homes have more behavioral problem,are more likely to be abused and engage in criminal activity more frequently .The C.A.R.E Cut program will not replace fathers in the home but it will provide a positive image for a young minority male to look up to .This is not a one time deal either .Participating barbershops have agreed to open their doors for an after school and summer program to keep the young males engaged .The more they see positivity the more likely they will be encouraged to emulate it. As neighborhood hero’s these barbers can make a huge difference in a young boy/mans life. Many of these barbers have a checkered pasts and have gone down the wrong road so when they engage the youngsters they will speak from experience. The best part is they have found a way and the passion to turn their lives around.