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“This is the first generation in all of recorded history that can do something about the scourge of poverty. We have the means to do it. We can banish hunger from the face of the earth.”

Hubert H. Humphrey

One in six people that are struggling with hunger are often hard working adults. Children and seniors who simply cannot make ends meet are forced to go without food for several meals or days. Good nutrition particularly in the first three years of life, is important in establishing a good foundation for a child’s physical and mental health, academic achievement and productivity. It is sad that food insecurity is a problem that affect 16.7 million households in the U.S according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Often we may feel if a person lives in a suburb they don’t have problems with food insecurity. Hunger does exist in the suburbs and the number is growing. The USDA states that 6.2 million suburban homes struggle with having a meal.

Our elderly are one of the most vulnerable populations. These senior Americans have built this nation with their blood, sweat, and tears. We owe them. The elderly should be able to live the rest of their days without worrying about a meal. They have unique nutritional needs and may require special diets for medical conditions.18.6 percent of Feeding America (a non profit) households have at least one member who is 65 or over, and 52 percent of these households are food insecure, 30 percent of these seniors has said that they have had to choose between food and paying bills or getting medication.

In an effort to do our part with helping these people The Urban Barber Association has introduced its CANS OF CARE Program. Each one of the businesses in TUBA is a location for people to drop off all of the canned goods that they can spare. We have notified our patrons and the community that we need their help. We ask for canned food and household items. The most preferred items are beef stew, canned soup, canned vegetables, cereal, peanut butter, and tuna fish. Preferred household items are deodorant , laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, toothpaste, and tooth brushes.

The Urban Barber Association is in collaboration with the Cleveland Food Bank with this program. Monetary donations to either entity is also appreciated.