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The Urban Barber Association (TUBA) is a growing network of barbershops and beauty salons that have united to address issues that are affecting Cleveland, Ohio’s urban communities.

Founder of The Urban Barber Association Waverly Willis, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland City Councilman Jay Westbrook.

They attract minority men and women of all ages making TUBA and excellent avenue to get information out to the people. Barbershop and beauty salon owners are calling daily to inquire about how they can be a part of it. TUBA is designated as a non- profit under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue.

TUBA’s Executive Director/Founder Waverly Willis with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and T.U.B.A. Board Members, Dale Hemphill, Tamara Rowe and Adam Morgan

TUBA has 15 barbershops and 8 beauty salons in its network ranging from Euclid to Lakewood, Ohio. Minority owned barbershops and beauty salons have been and remain to be pillars in their communities. It is a place of comfort and a trusted environment, the “black man’s country club” so to speak.


The Urban Barber Association Mission Statement

To collectively and simultaneously use our business network as a vehicle to empower the community through culturally specific education, and community based programs that will increase public awareness about the disparities that affect the under-served.